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About This Site and the Story Behind it

This site may be used however you wish and makes no claims to be able to do anything medically, mentally, or anything else that may be thought of… !I hope you can enjoy this site as it is.

Contributions are appreciated as are suggestions for additions to the site (which may or may be done). All contributions are Not Tax Deductible.
Accelerated Resolution Therapy (A.R.T.) is derived from Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).  A.R.T. should only be practiced with an experienced Therapist.

EMDR may be practice with or without a Therapist.

Both EMDR and A.R.T. are Mostly used for PTSD, Rape, and other very intense Traumas that people may have experienced.

Both EMDR and A.R.T. are Evidenced Based Therapies; which means there is proof they really work with lots of people being Cured or at least put to a point that they can live better without the problems of their Trauma debilitating their lives any more.

I tried this since I had learned about A.R.T. and believed it may be able to help me, even though there was never a promise that my cuticle biting could be cured or possibly reduced.

Hi.  I am Dennis Aramanda and in February 2019 I decided to try and do something new (yet again) in the effort and sake of Stopping a horrible habit.  Cuticle Biting.

I was forty-eight years old and recently heard about a new Evidence Based Therapy called A.R.T. I found a therapist that was about 180 miles away. The rate was $150 per hour with a minimum of 4 hours total, so $600 . I setup two  sessions of two hours each, and went on successive Saturdays.

After the first two hour session, I no longer bit my Cuticles. In the past I tried lots of things to stop biting my cuticles: Many variations of Nail Deterrents, Rubber Band snapping, Hypnosis (this stuff is not) , others. This treatment was Worth Every Penny!! After completing the treatment, I was told to practice eye movements from time to time to help reinforce what I had done.  I did not like any programs or apps I could find and decided just to write my own program.  This web site is what I designed for myself and family to be able to use as needed.

I wanted to find a way to help my kids and setup this site as a possible way they could do EMDR if they wanted, and I included steps for them to try and utilize. So far to date the following has happened:

My mom, who bit her nails and cuticles for more than Seventy YEARS, was able to Stop, after One 20 minute Session using the method provided and this web site.

My oldest daughter, who messed with her lips and would bite the inside of her mouth for more than 20 years, was able to stop most of it after 2 sessions, about 20 minutes each.

Her husband, who bit his cuticles for more than 20 years, was able to stop most of it after one 20 minute session.

More stories to be added as people try this and tell me about it.

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